Young Kids / Pre-School Program

We accept students as young as 4 and 5 years old. Children at this age require a different structure and approach. Therefore we created a series of Young Kids Classes taught on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can visit the Schedule page to learn more. 


Children / Elementary School Program

We take a holistic approach in teaching children martial arts. We created an individualized and comprehensive program to support children achieve their fitness levels. Instead of only focusing on a child’s strength, we also help overcome his or her unique challenges.

Parents tell us that their children leave the school better than when they come in. 

Teenagers / Middle & High School Program

Teenage students at our school come together from middle and high school in Peabody. Some travel from towns farther away (i.e. Andover, Boston). They may have various interests, activities outside of Tae Kwon Do but their goal and vision inside the Dojang are the same – they are all working hard to become the best Black Belts they could be, and to inspire other children and adults at our school.

Adults Program (no age limit)

Our adult students travel from many locations such as Boston, Newton, Weymouth, Lowell , Andover, New Hampshire (even San Francisco) to train at O'Malley Tae Kwon Do. Adult students often approach Tae Kwon Do with different goals and interests: weight control,  flexibility, overall health and well-being, stress relief. There is no age limit! We are proud to say that our members range from 4 year-old to 70+ year-old.

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